We all make them.

A lot of us try everything to avoid making them. Some people deny when they have made them. Others are convinced they never make any.

Is it good to make mistakes?

I’d say – yes! Mistakes are where we learn. But why are made to feel that mistakes are bad? I mean non-fatal mistakes!

Why do people feel they / it are / was a failure? When we were born we couldn’t walk; we learnt through failure. We learn through failure through our whole school and work life. Yet it brings anxiety and dread if we make a mistake.

We should embrace mistakes. This will give us the freedom to free ourselves from anxiety. We will then be more creative in our decisions. As long as we review the outcomes of our decisions and learn from them then success is round the corner.

Do you have any examples of where your mistakes have lead to success? How do you feel about making mistakes?

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