It’s not about you

Many people move into management/leadership roles for their own gain. They think ‘I am now at the top of my game’, ‘next step on the ladder is naturally management’. These views could be classed as selfish. The role is perceived to be about you and your title.

What should it be? Leadership is what can you do for others. In order to be a good leader you must serve. Just like in order to be a good friend you serve your friends, in order to be a good restaurant you serve your customers. It doesn’t mean that you do all the work; the art of leadership is to be the catalyst that extracts the hidden talents of the people in your team.

Do you agree or disagree?

From programmer to manager

It’s been a long long time since I last blogged. I set out to start this as a resource to help other programmers understand how they can make their way in business.

I found myself moving from a web developer role working on a few high-profile clients to working with a previous company as a software development manager.

Why did I change direction?

Being a software developer I found that I was more suited to helping people. Not in the “I know best”, but in the “you know best, show us what you can do”. This change in mindset opened up a new way of interaction. Gone were the days of programming for a living, but to encourage, motivate and remind people of their passion and how they can help themselves and others.

I aim to blog regularly on my thoughts, observations, lessons learnt (and believe me, there will be lessons learnt!) on leading a team of software developers.

Stay tuned!