What are the signs that you are a skilled software developer?

You can solve the business requirements of a project.

You are approachable to other developers; not only because you know the answers, but you are a good sounding-board for ideas.

You know your audience – business people are not always technical. Stick to the common language of your business when discussing solutions/clarifying requirements.

I answered this question on Quora – signs of skilled developer.

From programmer to manager

It’s been a long long time since I last blogged. I set out to start this as a resource to help other programmers understand how they can make their way in business.

I found myself moving from a web developer role working on a few high-profile clients to working with a previous company as a software development manager.

Why did I change direction?

Being a software developer I found that I was more suited to helping people. Not in the “I know best”, but in the “you know best, show us what you can do”. This change in mindset opened up a new way of interaction. Gone were the days of programming for a living, but to encourage, motivate and remind people of their passion and how they can help themselves and others.

I aim to blog regularly on my thoughts, observations, lessons learnt (and believe me, there will be lessons learnt!) on leading a team of software developers.

Stay tuned!