Today I attended a seminar in London. It was very interesting listening to the speakers discuss IT in the line of work I am in.

There is usually a coffee-break to allow people to network.

As leader do we need to network?

In my previous non-leadership role I would have shied away from talking to strangers. I would attend the conference/seminar, keep my head down, and head home.

Today I decided to introduce myself to a key speaker. It turned out that I had an appointment with this person in January 2020 – something I didn’t realise until I spoke with them!

Morale of the story? Well, i’m not sure there is one but creating connection with people is vital. The scene has been set ready for our pre-arranged meeting next month, I know what they are like, they know what I am like, and now we have base to start a conversation.

I would urge anyone to take the leap and go for it. Go and say hello to that important speaker. Go and say hello to that client/business/supplier.

You never know – you may just have created a connection that can be mutually beneficial!

How do you find networking? What tips have you got to help people take the leap?